North Shore Wash

Maintain your property with a regular house wash – Auckland wide

Concrete, bricks, pavers, etc
Deck cleaning
Gutter cleaning
Roof cleaning
Roof treatments
Pre-paint clean
Exterior house washing

Skilled professionals for a house wash in Auckland. Click here.

For a prompt and a reliable house wash in North Shore there is one team you can count on. We strive for customer satisfaction.

Professionals in house washing

When it comes to a house wash in Auckland, we are the experts. We provide the best results for North Shore and Auckland with expert house washing services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We like to take care of our customers, so we always guarantee 100% with the professional standard of all our exterior house washing services.

The Lawn Laying Company

Hydro seeding and ready lawn can turn any dull, barren garden into a lush, verdant lawn that’s lively and green again.

We use the very best technology from world leading lawn layers to make your lawns and landscapes look amazing.

Increase the value of your property and marvel at the remarkable results with our lawn laying and hydro seeding services.

Services for exceptional lawn laying

At the Lawn Laying Company, our broad selection of lawn care products from Ready Lawn to Wool Gro ensure that we always have the right solution for your lawn and its individual needs.

Effective seeding methods

You’ll be amazed at the difference in quality compared to lesser seeding alternatives when you hydro seeding in your garden. To learn more about this efficient, effective method, see The Law Laying Company now!

Hydroseeding equipment

Make sure you or your business use only the best hydro seeding equipment to ensure the job gets done right. Contact The Lawn Laying Company for more about their exclusive supply of Turbo Turf products in NZ.

Classic Landscapes

If you need assistance with landscaping, just get in touch with Classic Landscapes today..

Gardening & Lawn Experts – witness as your landscaping and gardening ideas for your back and front yard come to life!

Maintaining the Walls & Fences – construction of your landscape and fencing needs

Innovative gardens & lawns

Recreate your garden now! We can you from the design, construction and sourcing new garden plants, & extraordinary garden plants. Check our landscaping pictures for samples and ideas.

Retaining walls & fences. Click here.

Solid construction of all retaining walls and fences for your needs. We can work with you to create the fence design and style that suits your needs and the look of your home.

Finishing the designs! Click here.

With garden paths and cobblestone edging, we can finish off your design for the garden and landscape to have a great look. Talk with us today about your ideas and requirements.

K & M Civil

Skilled experts for your complete excavation needs

We are the contractors with the finest machinery and skills in the area.

From residential and commercial properties to farms and hard to access areas – the excavation contractors at K & M Civil have the equipment and skills to take on all and any sized jobs.

All excavation projects

Our teams of excavation contractors will offer informative, reliable and prompt services at a reasonable price no matter how small or big your earth moving project is.

New concrete driveways

Our experienced team does not have any problems with the concrete driveways and access tracks since we have trusted equipments for all kinds of properties.

Retaining wall building. Click here.

We guarantee to build any kind of retaining wall in your workplace or home and can also supply extra materials like topsoil and rocks.

Auckland Wide Pest Control

A guaranteed pest-free environment in your home or office with the best pest control services in Auckland.

The sooner the problem is treated, the better – and Gerard at Auckland Wide Pest Control can ensure that you property is cleared of pests promptly and efficiently.

Your pest control expert Gerard as an approved ERMA Chemical Handler will guarantee to free your home of spiders, wasps, fleas and all kinds of vermin.

The best specialized pest controllers

Our approved chemical handlers can be your experts to depend on when it comes to controlling rodents and insects in your property. Trust us to clear the pests from your home or office today.

Quietly clearing your home of pests

Don’t want your neighbours knowing about your pest problem? All of our vans are unmarked, so you can count on a safe, prompt and private pest control service.

Our pest control quotes are free! Click here.

Need a free quote? Fill out the form below with your details and requirements and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

Plantmoretrees Ltd

When it comes to your revegetation, replant and rebuild damaged lands, Plantmoretrees are your best option.

Hire the best planting services for your landscape development, wetland plants, trees and shrubs.

We provide native shrubs, native plants and native trees. You can fill out the form to the right to have your native plant supply and tree planting quote for free.

Landscape re planting. Click here.

It is now possible to restore your disturbed land to have a beautiful bush backdrop in your garden with the help of our professional revegetation technique and planting services.

Wetland planting projects

Encourage a variety of wildlife to your property with wetland plants. View a list of names of native plants for an idea of planting options for your property.

Site development

Improve the appearance and value of your property with expert tree planting services. Maintenance programmes provided to ensure maturity of native trees and plants.

ASAP Stump Grinding

Leave the garden landscaping work in the hands of the qualified Auckland professionals at ASAP Stump Grinding.

Locally owned and operated, Michael and his friendly team are well equipped to deal with any stump removal.

Get the any hazards removed from your garden with the landscaping team at ASAP Stump Grinding today.

Clearing your property with shallow grinding

Ensure your lawn is ready for planting with shallow grinding landscaping services. The team at ASAP Stump Grinding offer prompt service that will prepare your property for planting in no time.

Effective stump removal with deep grinding

When building, installing a fence or planting trees it is important to completely remove a tree stump before starting work. For complete stump removal of problematic tree stumps deep stump grinding is what you are looking for.

Hard to reach stumps

For tree stump removal in difficult places or tight spaces, ASAP Stump Grinding uses a hand held stump grinder which allows the team to work in cramped spaces and in areas near walls and fences without causing damage.

LovelySmile Teeth Whitening

Aiming for a whiter teeth?

Save money with a trustworthy option…

Look and feel good – whiter teeth improve your self appearance and make you more confident

Guaranteed whiter teeth!! Click here.

You are sure to leave with a brighter, lovelier smile.

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We have 17 locations all throughout North Island.

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Colourworks Painters & Decorators

Colourworks Painters & Decorators are your local house painters for…

Roof & house exterior painting services…
Interior painting and colour advice services…
Waterproofing systems for plastered walls protection…
Plastering services for paint preparation…

Arrange your free house painting quote or consultation today by completing the form to the right!

Roof & exterior house painting

Are you looking for house or roof painters? Our team provides expert services for all of your roof and exterior painting needs.

Interior painting requirements? Click here.

As well as providing you with interior paint ideas, our painting contractors can give you a high quality finish for your interior painting.

Plastering systems

Plastering repairs – Broken plaster? Water damage in your plaster walls? We can repair and replace sections of plaster or entire walls with only the best plastering products and specialist waterproof coatings from Equus.

A B Property Inspections

Get a pre-purchase inspection before you buy a home to reduce risk, so you can ensure that your biggest investment is safe when you buy residential.

If you are looking to buy a new house, eliminate the risk factor and contact A B Property Inspections today.

24 hours and we’ll have a readied report back to you so you can be prepared to make an offer fast.

Checking for moisture

A leaky home can cause you further trouble after buying a property and the problem is best detected before a purchase. We check the moisture levels of the home to ensure the property you buy is in top condition.

Thorough reports? Click here.

Don’t get a slow, time-wasting property inspector that makes you miss the opportunity to buy, contact A B Property Inspections. We’ll have the full report back to you within a full day to ensure we waste as little time as possible.

An experienced inspector

Our building inspector has over a decade of experience in property checking before purchase, so you can rest assured that the job is in good hands with a man who has been in the building industry since 1967.