Hot Water Pro

We supply the top hot water specialists and plumbers in the Auckland region for your damaged hot water cylinder.

If your hot water cylinder is leaking, you have no hot water from the tap or low pressure and a faulty hot water system, it can be very detrimental.

Call the experts at Hot Water Pro to get back the pressured hot running water in your home!

Stainless steel hot water cylinders

We offer renown brands such as H J Cooper and Rheem with guarantees that span up to decades! Rest assured when you choose us you get the newest and best in innovative stainless steel hot water systems.

Rapid hot water service? Click here.

If you can’t get hot water from your tap and need the hot water cylinder replaced, then Hot Water Pro has the solution for you! Call our team and have it replaced almost instantly.

Reasons to choose Hot Water Pro

We know you have choices for your hot water cylinder installation and servicing in Auckland. So why should you choose Hot Water Pro? The answer is simple. You deserve the best: a trustworthy, reliable company that gets the job done right first time.

Colourworks Painters & Decorators

Colourworks Painters & Decorators are your professional house painters for…

Roof & exterior house painting services…
Interior painting services and colour advice…
Waterproofing systems to protect your plastered walls…
Plastering services for paint preparation…

You can get your free house painting quote or consultation when you complete the form to the right!

Roof & exterior house painting! Click here.

Are you looking for house or roof painters? Our team provides expert services for all of your roof and exterior painting needs.

Interior painting requirements

As well as providing you with interior paint ideas, our painting contractors can provide you with a high quality finish to your interior painting needs.

Plastering services. Click here.

Smooth finish or textured – paint or oil finish – Are you going for a slick modern look or rustic charm? With varying amounts of texture and almost unlimited paint colours, you’re only limited by your imagination.

North Shore Floor Sanding

Talk to us about how we can help to rejuvenate your wooden floors and bring them back to their beautiful best.

We provide substantial wooden floor restoration solutions for worn floors and coatings for new timber floors.

Our diligence and dedication to flawless services has gained us respect and trust within the community.

Refinishing floor surfaces

Has your floor been previously coated but is in need of a new coating? At North Shore Floor Sanding, we specialize in refinishing and re-coating wooden floors with protective coatings.

Exceptional products to coat your wood floor

After the preparation stage is finished, selecting a quality coating for your wooden floor is crucial. That’s why we only offer you the very best coating products, at an affordable range.

Floor sanding process

Whether you want an existing wooden floor restored and refinished, or want a protective coating for your brand new floor, North Shore Floor Sanding can help. For more about our floor sanding process, talk to us today.

Frigie King Ltd

From the initial design through to the installation, you can trust the professionals at Frigie King for industrial and commercial refrigeration units.

Call the experts at Frigie King to get your new home or commercial ventilation system installed to ensure a healthy environment.

Hire professional designers and installers of air conditioning units to keep your home or workplace environment clean and healthy.

Refrigeration units. Click here.

When looking to install a refrigeration unit in your supermarket, dairy, restaurant or other company, Frigie King can provide all the services you need.

All purpose air conditioning

With a expertly installed air conditioning unit, you can have a relaxing environment that will keep all residents in your commercial or industrial property happy.

Healthy environment ventilation systems

Your home or business building needs to have a comfortable and healthy environment for all residents or workers, install a recommended ventilation system today.

Femme Physiotherapy

Assisting women in taking control of their bodies and overcoming health issues. We are currently located in Milford, Auckland.

Return to living life at its fullest with body-enhancing physiotherapy for women’s health issues.

We provide you with a personalised programme that will educate and assist you in overcoming the specific concerns.

Programme for vital pelvic floor control

Keep your spine, pelvis, bowels and bladder in check by keeping in control of your pelvic floor muscles. Maintaining these muscles is important for an active and healthy life, so keep in control and contact Femme Physiotherapy today.

Treat incontinence with physiotherapy

Evidence-based guidelines recommend physiotherapy to be the initial treatment of choice as it is the least invasive with no side effects and has a high success rate of 80% cure. This is good news!

Pregnancy. Click here.

With programmes tailored for the individual that are made to suit your requirements and needs, contact Femme Physiotherapy and get an assessment and exercise course that’s right for you.

Warwick Price Landscaping

Creating superb garden landscapes throughout Auckland, our landscapers have got the service for you.

Warwick Price Landscaping can help you with your landscaping needs to create an exceptional landscape design, from pools to courtyards and gardens.

Whether you are after a stunning, unique garden design or an outdoor entertainment and pool area, call the experts at Warwick Price Landscaping.

Experienced Auckland landscape designers? Click here.

As well as assisting you to find the right landscape designer for your specific project we also provide our own garden design services as we pride ourselves on our teams ability to create stunning, new designs.

Need hard landscaping services in Auckland?? Click here.

Right from initial design to the finished project, our Auckland based landscape designers offer nothing but the best workmanship and craftsmanship as we strive to fulfill all your hard landscaping needs.

The centre of Auckland’s exceptional garden designers

Browse through our gallery of previous landscaping design and construction projects, then call our team to discuss your ideas and make your dream garden a reality.

Colourworks Painters & Decorators

Colourworks Painters & Decorators are your professional house painters for…

Roof & exterior house painting services…
Interior painting services and colour advice…
Waterproofing systems to protect your plastered walls…
Plastering services for paint preparation…

Arrange your free house painting quote or consultation today by completing the form to the right!

Roof and exterior painting services

Are you looking for house or roof painters? Our team provides expert services for all of your roof and exterior painting needs.

Interior painting? Click here.

In addition to offering you with interior painting ideas, our painting contractors provide high quality finish for your interior painting.

Waterproofing services

Avoid any possible danger in your household and protect your interior walls by applying waterproofing membrane.

The Lawn Laying Company

Hydro seeding and ready lawn can turn any dull, barren garden into a lush, verdant lawn that’s lively and green again.

The Lawn Laying Company uses the best and latest lawn laying technology to improve the look of your landscape.

Increase the value of your property and marvel at the remarkable results with our lawn laying and hydro seeding services.

New grass lawns. Click here.

There are many options to suit your requirements for new grass lawns and expert advice for lawn care and maintenance. Ready Lawn, Wool Gro and more.

New affordable, efficient hydro seeding service

Want an effective seeding system that is affordable, efficient and superior to other older methods of seeding? Then you should try hydro seeding from The Lawn Laying Company today and see the results yourself!

Hydroseeding equipment? Click here.

Make sure you or your business use only the best hydro seeding equipment to ensure the job gets done right. Contact The Lawn Laying Company for more about their exclusive supply of Turbo Turf products in NZ.

Bruce’s Garage Door Services

Enhanced security and peace of mind with garage door servicing from the Auckland based services.

For cost-effective services, a friendly team of employees and unbeatable workmanship.

Rest assured you are getting the best professional advice and solutions to suit your needs.

Repairs and maintenance

We can offer advanced servicing for new or existing automatic garage doors. With materials always on hand, our team is always equipped and experienced to handle a wide range of residential projects.

Garage door remotes and openers

Whether you need an existing remote replaced, repaired or recoded, Bruce’s Garage Door Services are masters of garage door remotes and openers. For more garage door and remote services, talk to the team today.

Garage Doors

For a range of garage door brands for sale and exceptional repairs and installation service, call Bruce’s Garage Door Services. When you need a solution for your garage door, you need our team.

NZ House Wash Company

Alistair, together with the professional of NZ House Wash Company, can dramatically improve both the look and appearance of your property with…

– Thorough house washing services
– Regular and Streak-free window cleaning
– Gutter cleans or moss and mould treatments

With our top quality services and keen attention to every detail, your property either residential or commercial will look new again.

Exterior house washing

Maintain the exterior of your residential or commercial property with a reliable house washing service using non-toxic products.

Window cleaning specialists for your home or business

Your property will look great with streak-free sparkling clean windows. Call our team at NZ House Wash Company now and arrange a regular window cleaning.

Gutter cleaning services

Don’t be stressed out with the clogs on your gutters – our gutter cleaning specialists can end the problem!