A B Property Inspections

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so safeguard your investment and get a pre-purchase house inspection before you buy.

A B Property Inspection can perform an inspection of the property before you buy to minimize the risk.

24 hours and we’ll have a readied report back to you so you can be prepared to make an offer fast.

Moisture checking for leaky homes

A leaky home can cause you further trouble after buying a property and the problem is best detected before a purchase. We check the moisture levels of the home to ensure the property you buy is in top condition.

Prompt yet thorough service

Don’t get a slow, time-wasting property inspector that makes you miss the opportunity to buy, contact A B Property Inspections. We’ll have the full report back to you within a full day to ensure we waste as little time as possible.

Property inspecting specialists with experience! Click here.

Since 1967, our building inspector Peter Seton has been working with residential properties and for 12 years, has been inspecting them. You can rely on us, and put your trust in the expertise of our experienced building inspector.


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