Plantmoretrees Ltd

Give your land the look you have been after with expert revegetation and replanting options.

Get the right planting for your wetland area with specialist trees, plants and shrubs. Planting options for your new property.

We sell and supply all native trees and plants. It’s easy, just fill out the form on this page and we will give you a free quote on planting and supply of trees.

Property revegetation? Click here.

With our expert planters we can turn any back yard into the perfect view for you and your family with great tree, bush and plants that fit you and the land.

Marsh planting? Click here.

Encourage a variety of wildlife to your property with wetland plants. View a list of names of native plants for an idea of planting options for your property.

Site development

Improve the appearance and value of your property with expert tree planting services. Maintenance programmes provided to ensure maturity of native trees and plants.

Glen Park Motors

All your mechanical needs in one roof

Vehicle shuttle! Click here.

Take advantage of our shuttle service!
If you work within a 5km radius of Sunnybrae Rd drop your car off in the morning and we will deliver you to work.

Race gas available

We have Race Gas (Racing Fuel, Av Gas, Aviation Fuel, 100+, 100 plus) available 7 days a week.

Speak to an auto-mechanic

Want to talk to an expert auto-mechanic about the issues on your vehicle?
Call or visit us on the corner of Parity Place and Sunnybrae Road, glenfield.

Andels Construction

Skillful Auckland commercial & home renovation & repair company

The team of trade qualified builders and painters at Andels Construction and Daryll provides you…

…expert construction for home renovations

…professional home extensions and alterations

…innovative kitchen makeovers and upgrades

…fresh modernising bathroom renovations

…all home repairs and home maintenance

…commercial building maintenance

Reinstallation $ Expansion

For professional quality home renovations, home improvements, or a handy extension to your living space with home alterations or a home addition, make sure you contact the friendly qualified building team at Andels Construction.

Kitchenette & Restroom

When building a new bathroom or kitchen you need to be 100% sure that your builders are up to the job. Andels has been in the business of building your kitchen and bathroom for years and is more then capable to deliver the perfecter result.

maintaining and repairing your house

Whether you are house owner needing an experienced tradesman for a home repair or a businessman needing building repairs or commercial maintenance, we can assist. Talk to Andels Construction for a free quote!

Hot Water Pro

Got a leaking hot water cylinder in need of repair? Then contact Hot Water Pro’s for the best Auckland plumbers around.

If your hot water cylinder is leaking, you have no hot water from the tap or low pressure and a faulty hot water system, it can be very detrimental.

Return the hot water pressure to normal again and get it flowing with professional help from Hot Water Pro!

Innovative hot water systems

With stainless steel hot water cylinders, systems from Rheem and H J Cooper and 10 to 20 year guarantees, you don’t need to worry that you’re getting the best quality, secure hot water systems around.

Hot water system service? Click here.

We’ll repair and replace your damage hot water cylinder quickly, efficiently and safely. Call and we’ll have it replaced within the first day, so you can get back to having running hot water.

Reasons to choose Hot Water Pro

At Hot Water Pro, we pride ourselves on exceptional, friendly service, durable products, rapid repairs and being an overall trustworthy Auckland based business. Getting the job done right and well is our priority, ensuring you are always satisfied.

Reharvest Timber Ltd

We can provide you with all types of mulch at Reharvest® Timber Ltd, including…

Reharvest® Enviromulch for revegetation projects…

Cushionfall® to safely bark play areas…

Cushionride® for dressage arena surfaces…

Coloured garden mulch for all garden sections…

Fill in the form on the right to receive your free quote!

Revegetating mulch

Use Reharvest® garden mulch for large scale revegetation projects such as motorways, schools and landscaping companies.

Playground bark chips? Click here.

Cushionfall® is safe, eco-friendly and will last for years to come! Make sure your children play on only the best mulch.

Equestrian area mulch solutions? Click here.

Cushionride® mulch minimises injuries for horses and keeps them performing at their best. It is ideal for dressage arena surfaces.

NZ Modern School of Music

Avail professional music tuition and enjoy while you are learning

With one-on-one music lessons throughout the Auckland area starting at $17 per lesson

NZ Modern School of Music can help you improve your musical skills and knowledge by providing expert music teachers to help you.

Lessons for all ages

Throughout the greater Auckland area, we offer violin, piano, guitar and vocal lessons that are customized to suit your skills and experience.

Music Teachers

Covering the North, East, West and Southern areas of Auckland, our music teachers offer friendly, great value for money lessons. All teachers have years of experience in the music industry, and also teaching children.

Be a teacher!! Click here.

Do you want to be a music instructor? We have available positions all over Auckland region. we offer flexible working hours which will suit your busy schedules.

Classic Landscapes

If you need assistance with landscaping, just get in touch with Classic Landscapes today..

Gardening & Lawn Experts – witness as your landscaping and gardening ideas for your back and front yard come to life!

Preserving the Walls & Fences – construction of your fencing and landscape requirements

Creative gardens & lawns! Click here.

Recreate your garden today! We can help with design, construction, and sourcing new garden plants & unusual garden plants. View our landscaping pictures for examples and ideas.

Maintaining the walls & fences

Construction of all the walls and fences for your needs. We can create the fence design and style to suit your needs and the look of your home.

Finish off your design. Click here.

With garden paths and cobblestone edging, we can finish off your design for the garden and landscape to have a great look. Talk with us today about your ideas and requirements.